CV Dr. Gert Schulz-Malin


Born 1950 in a German-Danish family.

Apprenticeship to qualified machine fitter, studies of social education, clinical psychology and social medicine. Dissertation on power in organisations.

Lecturer at Kassel University. Projectmanager. Training in psychoanalytich psychotherapy, group-dynamics, transaction analysis and system theory. Balint-Group-leader of the German and international Balint-Society. Professional member of the ATP USA.


Lectures and workshops in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland. 

HR consulting, training and coaching in multinational corporations as well as in the “Mittelstand” (medium sized entities) for more than 25 years: Social topics and health, capital goods industry, consumer goods industry, IT and advertisement. 

GSMC supports organisations, groups and individuals through an expanded understanding of their tasks and goals. The integration of ratio-emotional actions is our core competency. It offers the basis for the shaping of opinions, the assessment of the situation, motivation, organisational structures and actions that are decisive for the success.