Since 1983 gsm Consulting (gsmc) has been supporting companies and institutions to understand their employees as present and future key factor. In addition to practical constraints and company targets, personnel management is the decisive factor on the way to success.

We understand our role as being the navigator, that stands alongside the captain, analyses the relationships and processes on all levels of the company and uses this newly gained perception to initiate a productive dynamic. To a certain degree this requires a constant attendance of the people in the organisation.

The relationships of the employees between themselves or with the organisation can and should be optimized as key success factor.

We utilize experience and knowledge on human behavior and motivation, which are pivotal for healthy productivity, efficiency, creativity and performance capability.”The possibilities of relationships within an organisation are nearly unlimited, both in terms of their potential and their susceptibility to failure.” [Tobias Brocher, Relationships in institutions]  

People with their complex relationships, in which they are interlaced and whose context defines them, form the center of our approach.

The future client feels something missing and has the constant fundamental need to look for our support in this matter.